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Redondo high school student suffers concussion, sues school

Posted on November 20, 2013 in Brain Injury


Many of California’s students participate in extracurricular activities. Some join clubs while others engage in sports. As recent disputes about the dangers of football have increased awareness of athletic brain injuries, some may fail to realize that other sports can also be harmful. When medical care is promised to these athletes, but then that promise is broken, a serious brain injury can have even greater long-lasting effects.

A Redondo Union High School student knows this all too well after she was injured while playing water polo, but was never given any medical attention. The incident occurred when the student, who was participating in a practice session between the boys and girls water polo teams, was struck in the head by a shot. The student suffered a concussion, became unconscious, slipped underwater, and then resurfaced.

The team’s coach continued practice without getting the girl medical attention, even though high schools that are part of the California Interscholastic Federation are to immediately remove those who suffer a concussion from the game or practice. The girl, who later developed pain in her spine and has difficulty concentrating and memorizing, has since filed a lawsuit against the school district for failing to provide her with appropriate medical treatment.

Concussions can cause serious brain damage, and therefore should be taken seriously. When an individual or an institution owes a person a duty of care, like to provide medical attention when they receive a concussion, but fail to live up to that duty, then a negligence lawsuit may be brought against that individual or institution.

A Los Angeles attorney can help those who have suffered a brain injury bring a lawsuit supported by the strongest evidence possible. The attorney may seek to negotiate a settlement with the other party, or he or she may take the case to trial. In both situations, the attorney will fight for the maximum compensation in order to bring comfort to the victim and help her achieve as full a recovery as possible.

Source: The Daily Breeze, “Water polo injury prompts lawsuit against Redondo Beach school district,” Nov. 15, 2013