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Plaintiffs injured by dangerous shoes file lawsuit against distributor.

Posted on October 1, 2012 in Products Liability

Recently, a California Products Liability law firm has filed a lawsuit against the shoe company Skechers USA Inc., alleging that their product “Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoes,” on behalf of a group of eight people allegedly injured while using these shoes for exercise. The lawsuit charges that Skechers is promoting an unsafe product to consumers as a health benefit, alleging that Skechers claimed that the toning shoes were good for improving cardiac functions and for orthopedic reasons. However, the lawsuit alleges that the shoes caused numerous injuries such as foot and ankle fractures, dislocated hips, and back and broken leg injuries.

Some of the plaintiff’s injuries were extremely severe; one woman rolled her ankle and fell sideways while going for a walk, tearing her rotator cuff and requiring imaging studies, physical therapy, and surgery to repair it. Another plaintiff was walking up a hill when she rolled her ankle and fell, breaking it and requiring an airlift off of the hill. She later required surgery and physical therapy. In May 2011, Consumer Reports noted that the Skechers toning shoes had been cited as the cause of more injuries and complaints than any other item in its catalogue.

Unsafe products, particularly those intended for strenuous activities such as exercise, can be dangerous and deadly, regardless of whether they are defective internally or have a flawed design. Dangerous and badly designed products placed on the market by negligent companies are a major threat to the safety of consumers.

Fortunately, consumers injured by defective and dangerous products are entitled to receive monetary compensation for their injury and/or death due to the defect. The injured plaintiff is entitled to receive as much monetary compensation as the court deems appropriate in the interests of justice. The remedy of monetary compensation is an equitable and just one for personal injury cases.

Source:, “Etsey Bomberger Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Individuals Injured by Skechers Shape-ups,” Sept. 17, 2012.