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Parents file wrongful death suit in fallen tree case

Posted on July 3, 2012 in Wrongful Death

Sitting at a red light, eyes watching for the stoplight to turn green, doing what is expected and appropriate. Any individual in a similar position would feel completely safe, as they should. Unfortunately, car accidents happen and sadly, some of those accidents are fatal.

Recently, a woman in Los Angeles was killed by a tree when it fell on her car as she waited at a red light. She died right there on the scene. Her wrongful death should not be taken lightly.

While likely an accident, who is going to help this family pay for medical and burial costs? And who is going to help them heal while they grieve for their daughter? This is where wrongful death lawsuits come into play.

The parents of this 29-year-old female motorist are looking to sue a few parties, including the tree maintenance contractor and the cities of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. While a lawsuit will never fill the emptiness this woman’s parents must be feeling, knowing their medical, burial and other bills associated with this accident are paid is one less thing to have on their minds.

The family plans to bring a wrongful death lawsuit to recover medical and burial expenses along with unspecified damages.

In the lawsuit, her parents also mention the emergency responders. They are claiming that their daughter was caused greater injury when they attempted to pry the 10-ton tree off her car.

The cities are denying any claims that this woman’s parents are bringing against them. No matter, a lawsuit will be pursued by her parents either way. When an individual or company is negligent, they need to be held accountable for their actions. In this case, a young woman’s life was taken due to such possible negligence.

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