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Legal help for NFL players with brain injury

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Brain Injury


The goal of many Californian high school and college football players is to make it to the National Football League (NFL). However, professional football comes with many health risks. Nowadays, football is a highly competitive, and dangerous, sport. Athletes are always getting bigger and stronger and when combined with a hard helmet, the result can be concussions and even brain damage. The injuries often don’t appear until years or even decades later, and unfortunately, pro football players are often left to deal with these health issues alone. The good news is that legal help is available to injured players so that they can attempt to recover compensation for their injuries.

In any given player’s career, it’s usually difficult to pinpoint an isolated incident, since football players receive impacts to the head and brain on a regular basis. Over a three-year career, the average football player may be hit as many as 50,000 times, encompassing participation in preseason games, regular games and daily practice sessions. The human body can only take so much, and the eventual result can be brain injuries, dementia and injuries to the knees, back and shoulders, all of which can lead to permanent disability or even an early death.

The NFL generally doesn’t do enough to help retired players who suffer from severe pain due to their injuries. It is unfortunate that many teams have benefited from the performance of these exceptional players, while the players, in return, receive a lifetime of pain and suffering. Hopefully, education and better training drills can help make professional football much safer for players.

If you are a former professional football player dealing with a brain injury caused by your ball-playing days, don’t suffer alone. We have experience holding the responsible parties liable, and filing workers’ compensation or personal injury lawsuits on clients’ behalf. We also hope to do our part to make changes to the industry to make the game safer for all involved.

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