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Getting the maximum to California brain injury victims

Posted on January 8, 2015 in Brain Injury


California brain injuries are unique. Unlike most other types of injuries, the brain does not readily heal after trauma or surgery. A person with a brain injury can experience a variety of both temporary and permanent problems, including memory loss, other cognitive problems and paralysis. People with brain injuries often require costly care and medical attention for years, if not the rest of their lives. The only way to alleviate the financial burden of such injuries is through personal injury claims if negligence can be shown to have been a contributing factor to the injuries.

Los Angeles serious injury attorneys have been handling brain injury cases, since 1993. We have helped many individuals recover compensation to pay for home modification, medical care and long-term therapies. All of these are possible through the rigorous handling of personal injury claims.

When a person sustains a brain injury in a car accident, for example, we thoroughly investigate to determine who is at fault. If negligent behavior on the part of another person caused the crash and injuries, then we aggressively pursue that person and make sure he or she is held accountable for the victim’s injuries. When a responsible party offers a settlement, we make sure it meets the patient’s medical and other needs or we renegotiate for compensation that is fair and just.

Brain injuries can forever change a life that was once normal. People with brain injuries can best move forward by obtaining compensation for their injuries. For this reason, they should understand every legal avenue that can potentially bring compensation.

Readers who are interested in learning more about brain trauma and other catastrophic injuries can check our law firm’s website. We can provide legal advice for any injured party who has decided to file a legal claim against a responsible party.