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Getting justice for loved ones killed in a car crash

Posted on September 2, 2015 in Wrongful Death


Decisions have consequences for Los Angeles residents. Sometimes, this can be learned all too painfully, as a seemingly minor decision can result in drastic consequences of the lives of others.

When a motorist decides to text and drive, for example, it can cause an auto crash that kills other people on the road. This happens all too frequently, as shown in the statistics discussed in this blog last week, with over 3,000 people dying each year because of distracted driving crashes. No matter how much public awareness occurs about the dangers of these crashes, they still continue to happen with increased frequently.

The families of those killed in these distracted driving crashes have legal options available after the accident. Through a wrongful death action, the negligent driver can be held accountable for his or her actions, in the same manner as one would be after other car accidents that only result in injury instead of death. Accordingly, when tragic incidents occur because of another person’s negligence, the families of those killed should understand their options and how to pursue them.

In sensitive matters like this, our firm works hard to obtain justice for our clients who have suffered injury, or lost a loved one, because of another person’s negligence. We can investigate the facts of each case to determine whether the other driver was texting and driving, or otherwise using a cell phone during the crash. We can then formulate an effective strategy to use in the case in order to prove the other motorist’s negligence, and obtain an award of damages for our clients. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our webpage on wrongful death.