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June 2013 Archives

City and law firm contract to manage workers' comp claims

Recently, the city of Upland, California, and a Los Angeles-based law firm have entered into a contract to administer workers' compensation claims filed against the city. The spokesperson for the city council claimed that while the cost of the service would increase by $19,000, there would be long-term savings gains for the city in terms of the changes in the way that bills would be administratively reviewed. The city staff unanimously chose the law firm to administer the city's workers' compensation claims out of six proposals for firms. The law firm will work to provide online training courses to city staff in order to keep them updated on California Occupational Safety Health standards.

Seemingly minor impacts can lead to serious brain injury

As modern medicine learns more and more about the devastating effects of brain injuries, society's understanding of the types of impacts that can lead to brain injuries is expanding. For example, medical experts are now recommending that soccer players keep track of the number of times they hit the ball with their head, or "head butt" it, in order to prevent traumatic brain injuries and resulting mental disorders such as memory loss, dementia, and depression. While football and hockey garner most of the Los Angeles public's attention for causing traumatic brain injuries, soccer also requires that the head be used almost as much as the feet to propel the ball down the field.

Woman sues Costco for contracting Hepatitis A from berries

A Long Beach, California, woman is suing Costco and Townsend Farms for negligence, alleging that she contacted Hepatitis A from frozen berries bought from the store. The woman's products liability suit alleges that the store failed to make sure that the berries were free from disease and that they were also improperly sanitized. The woman allegedly contracted Hepatitis A after buying the berries to eat with her yogurt. The woman experienced fatigue, chills, muscle and joint pain, vomiting and also noticed yellowing of the eyes and skin and darkened urine. She was hospitalized and placed in isolation and is expected to make a full recovery.

Helicopter crash during filming leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Recently, the mother of a man killed in a helicopter crash during the filming of a TV reality show in Los Angeles has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the aircraft's operators and the show's producers. She is alleging negligent operation of the helicopter. The helicopter was being used to film a military-themed reality show for the Discovery channel.

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