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Hockey player returns to practice after head injury

Jarrett Stoll, a center for the professional hockey team the L.A. Kings, recently returned to practice after being hit in the head during a game against the San Jose Sharks. While he participated in no-contact drills during the practice, the team's coach stated that he will not be playing in any games for an indefinite period of time, presumably until it is proven that the effects of the brain injury have subsided. The coach also stated that the team's doctors are monitoring Stoll's recovery process, and that he is nowhere near ready to return to playing yet.

Five-year-old girl awakens from coma caused by hit-and-run

A five-year old girl from Riverside, California, has recently recovered from a coma brought on by a hit-and-run accident where a car struck her family's vehicle right at the spot where her booster seat was located inside the vehicle. The force of the impact was so severe that she suffered a traumatic injury that placed her into a coma. The girl's injuries included a hairline fracture in her hip, multiple brain injuries, and torn muscles and ligaments in her neck. According to her family, doctors had to place a metal plate in her neck in order to fuse it back together and allow it to heal. The girl celebrated her fifth birthday in the hospital, and she is currently using finger gestures to communicate, though she cannot speak yet. Her family does not have health insurance, and is hosting a fundraiser at a motorsports park in order to raise funds for medical bills. A 20-year-old man was arrested for felony hit- and-run in the case.

CA Legislature passes worker's compensation reform bill

The California legislature recently began efforts to pass a bill limiting the ability of athletes to claim worker's compensation benefits from the state of California. The bill is being pushed by professional sports leagues, including those from hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball, who are trying to close a loophole in California's worker's compensation law. Currently, the law allows athletes to claim benefits even if they have never played for a California-based team. The law permitted players to collect benefits without linking their claims to a specific injury, and allowed them to collect benefits years after they retired, due to the liberal interpretations of the statute of limitations by California judges. The bill passed the Assembly Insurance Committee, and will go to the assembly for further debate.

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