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April 2013 Archives

Canadian study blames media for hockey brain injuries

Medical researchers from Canada have announced in a study that the media may be responsible for the prevalence of traumatic brain injuries among hockey players. The occurrence of traumatic brain injuries can lead to future mental health problems such as memory issues, depression and other behavioral changes, and problems with thinking and perceiving sights and sounds. Researchers from Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital scanned newspaper articles about hockey games from Canadian and American newspapers over the past 25 years, and found that the media downplayed the significance of injuries, and reported injuries only when they affected star players. The researchers found overall trends that media coverage tends to normalize violence among hockey players and has not led players to change their behavior.

Evidence found of overpayment of worker's comp. claims

An internal audit done by the City of Los Angeles has found evidence of overpayment of worker's compensation claims by the city. According to the City Controller, the city makes more payments to workers for disability and has a poorer track record in preventing overpayment of worker's compensation claims than any other governmental agency in California.

NFL players accuse league of lying about impact of concussions

As Los Angeles readers may know, several thousands former NFL players are suing the league for not doing more to combat traumatic brain injuries and concussions. The players accuse the league of spreading misinformation about the impact of brain injuries. This accusation comes as part of a legal dispute between the lawyers representing the players and the NFL over whether the issue should be settled in court or in arbitration.

Family trip turns fatal when brothers are killed in car accident

A family trip by three brothers living in East Los Angeles to visit their dying father in Denver turned fatal when they were killed in a car accident. Only one brother from the family survived; the oldest son, who had not forgiven their father for abandoning them as children. The fatal car crash occurred in Nevada, as the brothers were returning home from Denver.

Woman sues snow groomer manufacturer for causing crash

Recently, a woman from Santa Clarita, California, filed a lawsuit against a ski resort and against the manufacturer of a snow groomer that she crashed into, alleging that their combined negligence caused the crash. The lawsuit alleges that the woman collided into a snow groomer while snowboarding due to the fact that the snow groomer did not have a turn signal or an automatic shutoff device, and thus, the snow groomer was an unsafe product.

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