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"Kobe Beef," A USDA Prime Example of Deceptive Food Advertising

With increasing competition and a desire by consumers for higher quality and more healthful food items, incidents of deceptive product labeling are growing in number. Food suppliers employ various tactics in an effort to make their products stand out above all others as the "natural" or "healthy" choice, to not only catch the eye of the health conscience consumer, but also the contents of their wallets.

Symposium highlights dangers of sports injuries

Recently, a panel discussion held at Villanova University highlighted the dangers and symptoms of concussions caused by sports. The discussion was held as part of the school's sports law symposium, and it included a running back from the Philadelphia Eagles, a former player for the Green Bay Packers and several hockey and soccer players. The participants hoped to draw attention to the debilitating effects of brain damage caused by sports injuries and the resulting decline in the quality of life for players. Among the physical and mental consequences discussed were memory loss, headaches, dizziness and the possible development of dementia. The panel's participants want to change the culture within the sports world which emphasizes victory at any cost, even at the expense of the player's health.

NFL and Under Armour to battle brain injuries from football

The National Football League (NFL) and the sports equipment maker Under Armour have joined with General Electric to start a campaign against traumatic brain injuries incurred during the sport. The campaign will cost approximately $60 million, and it will go on for four years. The NFL and Under Armour hope to reduce the occurrence of traumatic brain injuries in football by improving the speed of diagnosis and treatment for concussions. Over $40 million of the campaign's budget will be spent on medical research for imaging technology to improve the medical community's ability to diagnose brain damage. $10 million will be handed out in prizes to entries for new diagnostic techniques and for new ways to protect against and prevent sports injuries. This campaign comes in the wake of allegations made against the NFL by players that it did not adequately safeguard players against brain injuries incurred during football games.

Studies find that soccer players vulnerable to brain injuries

A recent study found that soccer players are at risk for traumatic brain injuries, and specifically those players who head the ball. The study found that there were structural differences consistent with concussions and traumatic brain injury between the brains of soccer players who had frequently headed the ball and those that did not. The researchers also conducted a study that found that soccer players who had been continuously heading a ball had trouble performing functions such as touching a spot on a screen where a little white dot was. A similar study done on soccer players in Germany found that in the brains of professional soccer players, there were changes in the areas of the brain responsible for memory, visual processing and attention.

California legislators may limit some workers' comp. claims

Recently, California state lawmakers introduced legislature bill to close a loophole that allows athletes to file for workers' compensation in California even if they have only played one game in the state. The bill would bar players from football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer teams from outside California from introducing workers' compensation claims in the state.

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