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Wrongful Death Lawsuit against ministry dismissed

Recently, a judge in Waterloo, Illinois dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit filed against Joyce Meyer Ministries by the surviving family members of a woman and her children who were murdered by her husband, the security chief for the ministry. The wrongful death suit alleges that the ministry should have known that its security chief was behind anonymous threats to himself and to his wife, and that the ministry should have told the man's wife that he was having an extra-marital affair. The man allegedly strangled his family in order to start a new relationship with his girlfriend, without having to go through a divorce and potentially losing his job. The anonymous threats were sent to cover his tracks and make it appear that there was someone else threatening the family. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the killings. The attorneys for the wife's family have stated that the decision to dismiss the case will be appealed.

Repeated concussions linked to degenerative brain disease

California residents may be interested in a recent university study that looked at the brains of 85 athletes with histories of concussions, and found some disturbing conclusions. They found that 80 percent of the brains that had been through a catastrophic injury had developed a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which leads to depression, memory loss and dementia.

NFL players allowed to file for worker's compensation in CA

NFL players have the ability to file for worker's compensation benefits in the state of California, regardless of whether or not they played for a California-based team. Football players, who are in an industry with a high rate of workplace injuries due to the physical and tough gameplay, can file for worker's compensation even if they only played one game in California during an entire career. Over 3000 retired NFL players have filed worker's compensation claims in California, driving up worker's compensation rates for all Californians, especially for California sports teams. This causes the teams to have higher costs, and thus higher ticket prices.

Study reveals that metabolism can gauge risk of traumatic injury

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have found that repeat brain injuries can leave a person more susceptible to further traumatic brain injury. The university's Brain Injury Research Center simulated brain injuries in rats, testing rats with a single brain injury and others with several traumatic injuries and measuring cerebral glucose metabolism. Their goal was to test the hypothesis that the rats' brains would be more vulnerable to traumatic brain injury one day after the original injury, rather than five days later. This is because the glucose metabolism would still be low one day after the injury, and would be increased to normal levels five days later. The study found that glucose metabolism levels can be a benchmark for measuring the vulnerability of children to repeat brain trauma.

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