California Attorneys Handling Pro Football Injury Cases

Over the past few years, a significant number of former National Football League players have begun being diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a progressive neurodegenerative disease caused by repetitive trauma to the brain. CTE eventually leads to dementia. These players suffer terribly in their final years of life, some dying sooner than they should have. CTE is deceptive, quiet killer. The disease process begins during a player's career, and then hides, slowly killing brain cells until the athlete begins showing symptoms years later.

The workers comp attorneys at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP in Los Angeles, are committed to the representation of these injured workers. We need to bring to the attention of the National Football League and its member teams their legal responsibility in taking care of these seriously injured former employees.

Football has evolved into something it was never intended to be. Football collisions may now be more dangerous for the brain and the body than ever before. With a combination of bigger, stronger and faster athletes and hard-shelled helmets that are often used as a weapon to initiate contact, the game has created a type of repetitive trauma to the brain that has never existed before.

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High velocity impacts are not just a one-time event. A typical professional football player might absorb 50,000 hits over his average 3.2 year professional career. Daily practice sessions, sometimes two a day, span six to eight months of the year. Players perform in about 20 pre-season and regular season games, even before the playoffs begin.

Industry repairs broken equipment, but somehow, the teams of the National Football League have collectively decided not to fix human beings. So many retired National Football League players are in severe pain, experiencing significant disabilities and are without medical care for them. Rarely does a National Football League team step up and render ongoing care or provide work-related disability benefits to retired players after their football careers have ended and they have left the employment of their team. Whether it be painfully disabling shoulders, backs, knees and now medically recognized dementia caused by physical impact and blows, these industrially injured workers need representation and the furnishing of medical and disability benefits to aid in the restoration of their dignity and respect. Workers' Compensation cases, where appropriate, need to be filed on behalf of the retired professional football player against the teams who benefited from the services and skills they rendered during their career.

If we agree that the wonderful game of football is partially broken and needs to be fixed in just a small way, by fixing the broken and disabled former football player, we can make the game safer without fundamentally changing the sport of football. Families, coaches, athletic trainers and athletes can be better educated. Dangerous drills can be banned or used less frequently. Athletes and their teams will recognize the need to voluntarily rest players who have suffered concussions, thereby reducing the probability of life debilitating brain traumas. Perhaps there will be changes in helmets, shoulder pads and other types of protective equipment to reduce brain trauma. Better methods of concussion detection and diagnosis will evolve. Better methods of concussion management will develop.

Professional football is a 9 billion dollar industry. Former NFL players, suffering orthopedic and neurological injuries and disabilities have been tossed onto the industrial scrapheap and ignored. They are entitled to bring Workers' Compensation cases against their former employers, and Rose, Klein & Marias are honored to join with former professional football players on the Workers' Compensation journey to cause the furnishing of and the delivery of medical and disability indemnity benefits to these former players of the National Football League. Contact a personal injury and workers compensation lawyer about a football injury.

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